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Fabulous at Fifty,
Sexy at Sixty, and
Sin-sational at Seventy!


Fabulous at Fifty, Sexy at Sixty and Sin-sational at Seventy give solid advice to help everyone look and feel better as they are adding years to their lives. This practical yet humorous book has hundreds of ideas to help everyone have a healthier more productive life at any age. Fabulous at 50, Sexy at 60 and Sin-Sational at 70 is a book for anyone facing midlife - crazies or normal. Growing old doesn't mean to stop looking and feeling good. Age is a matter of the mind and the majority of it is in the attitude. We don't stop playing because we're old, we get old because we stop playing. Some people are old at twenty and others are young at eighty. This positive and often humorous approach to aging provides the readers insights on taking care of themselves from the top of their head to the tips of their toes. It is then up to the reader on how much they apply the skills to their life so they can be Fabulous, Sexy and Sin-Sational.





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