Clients & Testimonials

  •  Ms. Schreiner received the highest evaluations of any of
    our three presenters. The program participants scored Ms. Schreiner very high in interest level, helpfulness level
    and presentation. In summary, I would recommend Ms. Schreiner as a presenter for most any organization. I think the ability to reduce stress would be most helpful at any level.

Kansas City Healthy Start, G. Vertz

Accolades from Colorado HIMA

1. Bring back Carol Schreiner!!!

2. Enjoyed the personal inspirational speaker.

3. Carol Schreiner's Wonder Woman Doesn't Live Her Anymore was a wonderful fresh perspective in helping to rebalance the daily pressures we live with.

4. Opening speaker was great.

5. It was nice to have a more humorous keynote speaker. She was a great speaker and her message really hit home.

6. It would be helpful to have more upbeat speakers like Carol Schreiner after lunch when everyone is sleepy.

7. Great meeting!!!

8. Carol Schreiner gave peppy, practical homespun advice.

9. The first speaker Friday morning was excellent. (Carol Dean, of course)

10. Carol Schreiner's presentation was uplifting on a personal note when right now items in my life are pretty down. Her insight and comments shed the thoughts that something has to be positive. While can't afford to see a therapist -she provided more therapy/insight than anyone in that profession could offer.

11. Good program. It was nice to have some humor!!


We asked them: Carol Dean Schreiner was here to entertain and inspire you. How well did she do on that. They were given a scale of 1-10. You scored a 9.7 WOW!

Comments made included:

  • She was awesome!
  • I enjoyed her the most. She said a lot of "real" things to make you think.
  • She impressed me with her speech.
  • She was great!
  • She was funny!
  • She was very funny!
  • She was funny, I liked her enthusiasm.
  • She was very interesting and funny. She kept my attention real good.
  • I She was great, sweet, funny, entertaining, exciting.
  • She was great, I loved listening to her.
  • She was funny and her points were well-put.
  • She kept my attention and was very interesting.
  • She was funny and down to earth. That was good and fun.
  • She was a great public speaker. She was full of energy and life. She really impressed me-- I might just call Oprah.

  • WHAT A BLESSING you are to all of us. Thank you for a great day and for sharing with us. Every woman there identified with something you had to say! The evaluations brought RAVE REVIEWS!!! It was our pleassure to work with you and we hope there will be many more opportunities.

L. Christian, AXA Advisors.

  • "Carol kept the audience laughing and completely interested."
    D. Saal, Illinois Health Care Assn.

  • Carol’s presentation brought laughter following some serious speeches – exactly what was needed. Great! B.Poteet, Texas Cotton Assn.

  • "Teachers laugh, cry and cheer when they hear her. I’m confident that the meeting room will be filled when Carol’s name and topic appear on an agenda!" Floyd Cox, Oklahoma Education Association

  • "You are a Wonder Woman! They loved you!" R. Pool, ABWA Regional Conference

  • Carol D. Schreiner was OUTSTANDING! Carol mixes humor and wisdom and comes up with an enjoyable lesson in laughter. Our seminar evaluations were all high, several of the comments were how good Carol was. I feel comfortable stating that Carol was just what we needed, a professional, funny lady who cut through the fog and fright of a day of professional development and got us to laugh at our selves.

    P. Jackson, Hawaii HIMA

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