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Laughter is one of the most needed commodities in today's world. Laughter is a safe and fast way to communicate and connect or bond people together. Laughter radiates a positive attitude and a winning personality, which protects and prolongs life. Laughter stimulates alertness. Learn how to make daily situations into laughable situations. Laughter relaxes you and allows you to absorb more knowledge. Humor produces a twinkle in the eye, is non-fattening, and has no bad side effects. It is often exactly what the doctor ordered!


Have you ever counted the many hats you wear? Tired of balancing all of those hats? Do you ever take time for yourself? Too many of us, too much of the time, try to please everyone, try to live a Wonder Woman's life. This program will provide you with hands-on methods that will enhance the fullness of your life. This will help set priorities, manage stress, build powerful self-esteem, and enjoy the most out of each day without feeling guilty. Most important you will learn it is okay not to be perfect and to know how wonderful you are.


"Once upon a time . . . and they lived happily ever after." We have all heard those statements and can repeat them. But what about all the steps between those lines? Every person tells stories. Some examples: Attorneys convince juries. Salespersons make the sale. Drivers talk their way out of a traffic ticket. Almost everyone could improve his or her job by becoming a better more effective storyteller. Do you know how to put pizzazz in the story? Do you know how to make your stories interesting? Storytelling is an art that anyone can learn. This program will teach you how to find the artist inside you to become a good storyteller. Learn these hands-on methods so you too can become a master at telling stories.


Education is often the Mother of success and Enthusiasm the Father. The two together make positive action. Real leaders face the music even when they dislike the tune. Learn proven methods on how to become a leader who works with his/her team instead of against them. "There are 40 million excuses for failure but never one good reason."


Self-esteem covers many different facet of our lives, -- they way we dress, set and achieve goals, manage time and stress, and the attitudes we develop. Building self-esteem is an on-going process and has to be worked on daily.

Combine knowledge and enthusiasm to create an exciting life full of achievements. Where do you want to begin? It's up to you. "If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always got."


Learn proven methods on how to listen more effectively. Learn how to understand body language, ignore distractions and listen with an open mind. Of the top 20 management skills Listening is the #1 Skill listed. How many really know how to be a good listener?

Learn how to develop speaking skills to convey your message. Learn proven methods on how to obtain your audience from the beginning and keep their attention to the closing. Learn to inspire your audience - not expire them!

Small Talk
Learn some hints to make small talk easy, fun, challenging and extremely rewarding. These hands-on exercises will be laced with many self-esteem builders packaged with laughter. The best way to learn is through emotion and laughter will be the vehicle or emotion used in this workshop.


Do you allow every small change to upset your day? Even though you can't control the changes that happen, you can control how you respond, how you react. "If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always got." Learn to take the obstacles you face as golden opportunities instead of allowing them to bankrupt your life.


In developing your Dynamic Customer Service you must incorporate the five steps of SALES. You and your staff will learn how to help put the customer at ease, knowing you are there for them. Customer Service has almost become a lost art, although it is an extremely important way to put businesses ahead. Since your attitude sets the stage, are you conceived as a valued friend or a con-artist?

Motivate your people to know that the customer has needs besides just buying your service, your product. Learn what makes people become loyal customers. Success is spelled with other words besides money, but money surely helps spell it easier. "The people who say that money doesn't buy happiness are always willing to give it another change."


Learn to clarify your thinking, setting goals in six distinct areas of your life. Discover concrete ways to realize your goals after you have identified them. Enjoy methods for achieving corporate and personal goals. Attain guidance in taking your hidden dreams from the realm of possibilities to the world of realities. Become the 'Glad I Did' instead of the 'Wish I Had.'


Fabulous at Fifty, Sexy at Sixty and Sin-sational at Seventy give solid advice to help everyone look and feel better as they are adding years to their lives. This practical yet humorous book has hundreds of ideas to help everyone have a healthier more productive life at any age. Fabulous at 50, Sexy at 60 and Sin-Sational at 70 is a book for anyone facing midlife - crazies or normal. Growing old doesn't mean to stop looking and feeling good. Age is a matter of the mind and the majority of it is in the attitude. We don't stop playing because we're old, we get old because we stop playing. Some people are old at twenty and others are young at eighty. This positive and often humorous approach to aging provides the readers insights on taking care of themselves from the top of their head to the tips of their toes. It is then up to the reader on how much they apply the skills to their life so they can be Fabulous, Sexy and Sin-Sational.


This positive and humorous packed program covers many different facets of our lives. Building self-esteem is an on-going daily process. If we don't take proper care of ourselves, who will do it? A variety of topics are covered to help each one take the best care of themselves on a daily bases. Setting and achieving goals, manage time and stress, and the attitudes we develop are some of them.. Building self-esteem is an on-going daily process. "If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always got."





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