Book Testimonials

  • “Fabulous at fifty, Sexy at Sixty and Sin-Sational at Seventy is every woman’s guide to looking her best. It’s a sassy, fun and funny celebration of well being and beauty to help women feel good about themselves. Carol Dean reveals hundreds of tips on how to look and feel fabulous inside and out. She realizes that true beauty isn’t something you are blessed with, it comes from having confidence and feeling good about who you are. Fabulous at Fifty, Sexy at Sixty and Sin-Sational at Seventy is the best book available for women on understanding how to be stylish, elegant and totally confident at every age."

EJ Phillips/ Speaker/Author. EJ is the author of WOMAN: What She has Done with Where She Has Been.

  • “Fabulous at Fifty, Sexy at Sixty and Sin-sational Seventy’ will give you a lot to think about when it comes to your health. Reading it will open you up to new ideas of what it takes and why we should strive to lead a healthier life style for ourselves and our loved ones. It should be read by all ages and both genders.”

Chuck Dandridge,


  • “Carol guides us through what can be our most promising years with humor and wisdom. Read with a pen and paper close at hand, so that you can remember her many tips for aging with grace!”

Julia Harmon, Columnist, “The Reading Woman”, She’s OK! Magazine

  • "Carol Dean Schreiner, whom I have known forever, is one of the most "got-it-together" gals I know! No surprise really that she should know how to help other women get it together. This book is a compendium of sage and superwoman suggestions, peppered with EarthMother advice and knee-slapping funny stuff. I have often wondered how God is going to answer the women of the world if they ever get organized and put some hard questions to Him about their lot in life. Carol Dean can help you thrive in spite of all the wretched stacked-deck obstacles that women face. That feminine mystique we all hear about will blossom like a "steel magnolia" if you follow the love and common sense in this book. I recommend you read it!" Dr. Dan Griffin

  • “It was a pleasure to review this book. I was impressed with your practical helth suggestions, but mostly struck with the general tone set by your book--that of hope and optimism.” Dr. Tom Urice, MD.

  • “Carol Dean has a wonderful way of educating and encouraging an audience. Her light-hearted message is inspiring. It is great to receive valuable message and laugh at the same time.”

Gail Vertz,

President of Kansas PTA, 2001-2003

  • “Carol Dean has done it again. A practical age for every age. A common sense approach to start feeling better today while keeping us laughing. Thanks for sharing your insight and your love of life.” Lou Christian, Wife, Mother, Financial Advisor

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